Tips For Getting A Payday Loan

Nowadays, people prefer a payday loan instead of those conventional bank loans because it is comparatively easier to get a payday loan. Seeking a bank loan can be a very lengthy process as you will be asked to produce many proofs etc. But to get a payday loan, no credit checks or such proofs are needed. Most of the lenders only want their borrowers to be above 18 years of age and should have a stable and steady job. That's the only proof they need as an assurance that the borrowed money will be repaid on time.

Here are some tips that can help you to get a payday loan easily and at the earliest:

Always prefer to apply to a lender matching site instead of going for direct lending.Actually lender matching sites are kind of brokers that will matchyou with a suitable lender on the basis of your situation whereas in case of direct lenders, the loans are processed by them. If you go through a lender matching site then there are higher chances that you will get a favorable deal.

You should better submit your application for a payday loan on a weekday in the morning since it increases your chances of getting the loan approved at the earliest.Usually on weekdays, lenders are working for sure and also the call centers will have full strength to process your application. Better not to apply in late afternoons as you may end up missing the cutoff time.

You should never apply for a payday loan on a weekend or on a holiday. There are very less chances that on a holiday or weekday, your loan will be approved. Although there are few banks which remain open on Saturdays but most of the financial firms approve or process loans only on weekdays.

Christmas season is a great time to apply for payday loans since this is the time when consumers spend a lot of money. Do not apply for a loan in January because most of the lenders want to do collections and not process any application for a loan.

There is no point of applying to the same lender within 2 or 3 weeks because in such cases your application will be automatically rejected. Anyway, a lot of payday loan lenders do not allow more than a single application for each pay period. It is also to remind you that you should apply only if there is any emergency and not for some financial strategy.


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Although, payday loan lenders do not require any kind of references, still it is better to provide them with some references because it definitely makesyour application look impressive. There are lesserchances that they will follow up with the references mentioned but still if they feel like they can go ahead and follow up.

You must use a different email address for applying and not the same one that yourspousemight have used. While looking for fraud, lenders check applications to find the number of social security numbers existing for the same email address.

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So, a lender will reject if two separate social security numbers have a common email address.

You can always go back to the same website of a payday loan from which you had borrowed a loan earlier and paid off the loan. Lenders approve loans easily for customers with whom they had a good experience earlier. So, try to be in good books of your lender.

It is not necessary to keep on changing lenders if you already had a satisfactory experience with a particular lender.

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Not all the payday loan sites grant loans to military personnel. Thus, if you have a military background, then enter keywords like military payday loans while searching a website that particularly works for such people.

While applying for a payday loan, provide a future pay date. There aremany such lenders which do not approve a loan with a payday less than4 working days.

This can be a great way to increase the chances of your loan to get approvedby the lender.

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The payday loan is a short-term and high-cost loan that needs to be paid on the next day. Depending on the law of the state the payday loans can be made available online or you can also get it from a lender.

Features of a payday loan

Some of the common features of the payday loan are:

  • The loan amount is of a small amount and the state sets a limit on the loan size of the payday. The limit amount, however, ranges but it is normally not very high.
  • The payday loan needs to be paid in a single installment on the next payday itself. It could also be decided in advance that the payday loan is paid off when the borrower gets money from any other source. The due date for payday loan normally ranges from two to four weeks. The loan agreement would, however, have set a specific date.
  • The borrower writes a post-dated cheque to pay off the loan. He writes the full loan balance including the fees. If the loan is not paid on or before the due date then the lender has the right to withdraw money directly from the borrower's account
  • The lender will not consider the borrower's ability to repay the loan. He will also not consider the financial obligations of the borrower
  • The proceeds of the loan will be given to you by cheque, cash or could also be transferred to your bank account
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